Classic Vanilla Cupcake or Classic Chocolate Cupcake ~ with your choice of butter cream

Chocolate Peanut Butter~ A chocolate cupcake with cocoa peanut butter cream cheese butter cream

Almond Joyish~a chocolate cupcake with chocolate coconut butter cream

Sombrero~An espresso infused cupcake with Kahlua butter cream

Chocolate Raz~a chocolate cupcake with cocoa butter cream and raspberry drizzle

Pina Colada~a pineapple cupcake with coconut butter cream

Lemon Chiffon~a lemon cupcake with a bright fresh lemon butter cream, with a raspberry drizzle

Southern Red Velvet ~a traditional red velvet cupcake with your choice of almond butter cream, cocoa butter cream, or vanilla cream cheese butter cream with either a crushed almond topping or shaved chocolate

The King~a banana cupcake with peanut butter butter cream with a honey drizzle

Salted Caramel~a vanilla cupcake with a salted caramel butter cream, with salted caramel design

South of the Border~a spicy chocolate cupcake with a chili chocolate butter cream with a pinch of chili and chocolate shavings

Key Lime~a lime cupcake with a  key lime butter cream, topped with key lime zest and chocolate shavings

Toasted Almond~a vanilla cupcake with an almond butter cream with toasted almond topping

Boston Cream~a vanilla cupcake with a Boston Cream filling,  covered in chocolate ganache

The LRB ~ a chocolate cupcake filled with strawberry mousse, topped with strawberry mousse and garnished with chocolate ganache

The Jimmer~ a chocolate cupcake with raspberrybutter cream filling topped with a vanilla butter cream garnished with fresh raspberries

The RaynMan ~ a vanilla cupcake with Stoli Orange butter cream filling, topped with chocolate Stoli Orange butter cream garnished with fresh orange zest

The CT Fern~ a chocolate mint cupcake with a chocolate chip mint filling, topped with a Creme de Menthe buttercream, garnished with chocolate mint candies

Liquor Cupcakes

Florida Cosmopolitan~a vanilla cupcake with a pomegranate vodka butter cream topped with lime zest

Nutty Irishman~ a chocolate or vanilla cupcake with a cocoa hazelnut butter cream

The Soprano~ a vanilla or chocolate cupcake with cannoli filling with a pistachio butter cream

A Goodfella~  a chocolate cupcake with a Sambuca cream cheese butter cream

The Shamrock~ a vanilla cupcake with a Baileys and coffee butter cream

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